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Collagen Punkin Puffs

Collagen Punkin Puffs

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Made with high-quality ingredients

Our low-fat Punkin Puffs are packed full of natural beef corium collagen and powdered pumpkin. We source our collagen from cold-weather cattle that live on farms in the United States. These cows develop a thicker corium layer, which acts as a built-in coat, and is full of beneficial collagen! We like to think our puffs are grown in fields and not made in factories, so our cattle are free of pesticides and GMOs.

A crispy treat for shiny fur and healthy tummies

Collagen and pumpkin are the perfect nutrient duo for dogs. So, what’s collagen, and how does it help your pup? Collagen is an essential protein found in mammals’ bones and skin. It helps improve age-related joint pain in senior dogs and prevents injuries in young dogs. This powerful nutrient also supports doggie skin, nails, coats, and teeth. Pumpkin is full of fiber to help keep Fido “regular”. Together, these ingredients support pups from the inside out.


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